Monday, November 15, 2010

Niggas is bored.

I'm sitting in trigonometry and ain't shit to do. I'm going to blog at least once a day from now till Christmas just to see if I can do it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

E tu, brute?

I always wonders what goes through our minds when we are drunk. As in what's the clear definition? I believed I finally grasped that we simply follow our first thought and that is where the whole "inner feeling" crap comes into play. If you're emotionally fucked your going to be an undesirable drunk. We lack thinking and second decisions in our drunkenness. Wether this is "blog worthy" or not I just felt like sharing.

P.S 4 Locos is a pussy drink be a man and down whiskey.

P.P.S the title has nothing to do with the post it's just one of my favorite quotes.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moment of clarity

Although it may seem as somewhat of a crackpot theory. I was in a conversation with a close friend and she sealed dependence on past events. later upon that's evening it dawned upon me. Time does not exist. let's think for a second. the present is simply series of moments constantly passing. the past which occurred many moments ago is still in continuum to this very second. there is no border that separates this aeries. essentially the future doesn't exist because the momenta don't exist yet. the second we perceive time we allow it to exist.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

First rule of Fight Club.

On the internet we all somehow receive license to for-some-fucking reason behave like fuckwits. We become racists, philosophers, opposer of consumerism, cam-whores, or any of the thousands of stereotypes. And theres nothing wrong with that. However theres is a level of quirkiness or rather a personality trait that seams to bleed through the monitor and into our very fibers.

Observe: Fuckwits

Maybe I'm channeling to much prejudice however if you call me a "noob" or "rick roll" me via you cellphone ( you know who you are) you give me unpleasantness. It's not only the references or the direct vocabulary but it is the mentality. Maybe its the fact I've yet to experience someone who didn't display the whole "I'm an avid roamer of the intarwebz and I am better than you" persona but for the most part it makes me want to rage every time I encounter one of you bastards. Partially it may be the aura that surrounds some of these people that they think there part of a secret club. It's the fact they attempt to bring out everything from our favorite wireless escapes into the real world. The reason we develop these personalities, no the reason this culture was developed was to allow ourselves to feel at home in a place where no one truly does. To bring out this into reality and meld it into our social interactions on a face-to-face level are cries of blasphemy.It cant be helped and much to my dismay neither can my reaction. Not to call any names but an example being this ginger bitch I regretfully am acquainted with. She used to be a regular chick now she swear shes a nymphomaniac weed-head who "PWNS" everyone. Bitch Fuck You and FUCK GINGERS. ( no offence..maybe some)

In the end nor I or any being has any right to judge you or tell you how to live your life. More power to you and God save the queen and all but as a human being I cant fight the reflex to mentally right you off as a douchebag.

P.S If you don't know the first rule of fight club why are you reading this in the first place?
P.P.S as a footnote there are actually 4 people who do not give me this reaction English groups and BRAVO TEAM

Friday, October 8, 2010

Inspiration is Obsolete.

There are many paths that may be taken when baptizing such an interface that hopefully might sort out the hurricane of thoughts that is my mind... or it may drive me closer to my imminent demise.

Inspiration is defined as an occurrence that promotes or influences an action. Yet who decides whether we choose to accept said occurrence? why is that in order for me to compose a 32 bar melody upon my Casio or to sketch a drawing depicting a lucid spacecraft landing on the lawn of the white house I must be inspired? My theory is simple, we are afraid of rejection. Not from our peers or mentors but from the critic that may drive us into a bridge related suicide or wave of depression. We are afraid of ourselves. I believe that the idea of inspiration is simply a failsafe that we have mentally created simply because we do not want to be responsible for our own failure. Not even dwelling into the existentialistic characteristics of making a decision of art by our own accord.(because I'm sure you're sick of existentialism) How many times have you done something only to not live up to the expectations you set by another example. What happened is that there is a certain level of quality we want to achieve and we attempt to make ourselves believe that we want it to pertain to another version of it so when we don't achieve that level of quality we can simply write it off that we didn't truly want it that way or simply we weren't "inspired enough". Its time to take responsibility of our work and most importantly to understand that we take a piece of our soul and allow our innermost beings to surface within all our work and that we must be proud of that no matter what.

May the Force be with you.